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Case Management Consultant

DEPARTMENT: Residential

PERSONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.

Two (2) years experience working with client population

Must have a complete physical with TB by a doctor prior to reporting to work. Physical health must meet all standards as established by the Department of Human Resources or other local agencies governing childcare. Medical examination shall include tests necessary to determine that the individual does not have any communicable disease or condition that poses significant risk of transmission in the facility. Must be completed on a DSS Physical Form and given to HR.

Valid North Carolina drivers license, an acceptable driving record and insurable by BGHNC carrier.

Must successfully complete all phases of pre-service and on-going training, including, but not limited to, physical restraint training, First Aid, CPR/AED, Universal Precautions, and Medication Administration.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job. Background investigation required. Must provide HR with a written negative drug screening test prior to hiring.

SUPERVISOR/CHAIN OF COMMAND: Chief Residential Officer

WORKING SCHEDULE: Exempt, full-time professional, flexible schedule to meet the needs of the position and BGHNC.


The primary responsibility of the Case Management Consultant is to provide program development and support services to direct care staff serving youth assigned in group homes. The position’s job responsibilities include implementing direct care services through use of the agency’s Teaching Family Model of Care, and working with adolescents, families, volunteers, and community representatives in the group home and community settings.


1. Responsible for leadership and operational management of a core team and provide development support in full implementation of the Teaching Family Model of Care.

2. Mentor, coach and supervise staff with a common goal to improve outcomes for young people in care.

3. Provide supervision, monitor workloads and individual performance.

4. Role modeling the best practice principles and your understanding of the Teaching Family Model of Care to young people and the team.


1. Implement direct care services according to an individualized service plan and consistent with the agency’s Teaching Family Model of Care.

2. Teach youth a curriculum of skills, including social, self-regulation, independent living and academic skills.

3. Develop, to the highest degree possible, a normalized family-style home environment providing counseling, concern, direction, assistance, and support for the youth in care. Develop and participate in creative activities for youths and staff.

4. Model appropriate moral, ethical, and professional values for youths, colleagues, and the community-at-large.

5. Regularly seek consultation from appropriate supervisory staff, provide detailed information regarding significant issues affecting youth in care, and accept and implement feedback.

6. Establish and maintain positive and effective relationships with all program consumers including but not limited to, youths, parents/family, school personnel, neighbors, referral agencies, administrators, etc.

7. Assure completion of daily operational functions such as facility cleaning (interior and exterior) and maintenance, cooking, shopping, supplies inventory, manage financial/budget tasks, and other rotating assignments.

8. Actively monitor all aspects of the residential campus property. Work with multiple departments to ensure maintenance of all property in clean, safe, attractive manner. Comply with guidelines for property maintenance and management.

9. Drive agency vehicles for purpose of transporting youths and operating all facets of the treatment program. Transport youth for routine home activities, court appointments, medical appointments, family visits, other required appointments, and emergency situations.

10. Provide assistance and support to other program staff in their job responsibilities.

11. Work a flexible work schedule to ensure coverage of assigned homes as scheduled and on an as-needed or emergency basis.

12. Provide primary and supplemental coverage, as scheduled by administrators, for homes other than those primarily assigned, as needed.

13. Attend and take advantage of, regularly scheduled in-service and specially scheduled training sessions. Take advantage of other professional growth opportunities. Maintain required certifications and re-certifications for job by participating in available training.

14. Perform other related duties as assigned by CRO and/or CEO.


1. Thorough knowledge of procedures and the standards of the Teaching Family Model of Care.

2. Thorough knowledge of state and local guidelines, source materials and references relating to and operating a residential program.

3. Understands safety hazards and precautions.

4. Ability to perform physical demands associated with daily operational functions, property management, and client interactions, such as standing, bending, lifting, participation in physical

activities, facility cleaning (interior and exterior) and maintenance, cooking, shopping, supplies inventory, and other rotating assignments.

5. Ability to comprehend and produce accurate program documentation, including, but not limited to, client treatment plans, progress summaries, manage financial/budget tasks and community correspondence.

6. Ability to communicate professionally with consumers, including, but not limited to, parents, colleagues, and community service providers.

7. Ability to provide on-going visual and physical proximity supervision of clients.

8. Ability to participate in recreational activities with clients, including, but not limited to, arts, athletics, and outdoor activities.

9. Ability to drive a 12 passenger van to transport clients.

10. Ability to drive for agency related events during the day or night.

11. Regular attendance at primary worksite and agency related events.

12. Ability to work a flexible schedule and shifts including overnights, weekends, holidays, and extending periods of time.

13. Position may experience verbal and/or physical aggression from client population. Must be able to work in high pressure, high stress environment.

14. Possible exposure to infectious diseases.


1. MISSION: BGHNC employees embrace the principles of integrity, servant leadership, dependability, inclusion, and commitment to promote health, healing, and hope to children, youth, and families.

2. PROFESSIONALISM: BGHNC employees demonstrate professionalism through positive leadership, giving and receiving feedback, and pursuing ongoing education and professional growth. BGHNC professionalism includes timeliness, attendance, maintaining appropriate boundaries in all settings, as well as engaging in conduct consistent with BGHNC values.

3. COMMUNICATION: BGHNC employees provide professional and empathetic feedback with all stakeholders. They communicate in a positive, strength-based approach in all interactions, demonstrating the integrity and excellence of the organization.

4. TEAMWORK: BGHNC employees engage in hands-on collaborative efforts with other team members, as well as the BGHNC organization. They strive to achieve a common goal of completing tasks in the most compassionate, effective, and efficient way – while building an extraordinary workplace with high standards. BGHNC teamwork is inclusive, equitable, and culturally competent.

5. STEWARDSHIP: BGHNC employees embrace a long-term approach to decision making. This approach benefits agency objectives while valuing clients, community, and the culture of BGHNC. BGHNC stewardship prioritizes a commitment to the organizational assets of property, staff, reputation, and history.

6. RESILIENCY: BGHNC employees demonstrate the ability to complete job responsibilities, exhibit adaptability and perseverance in all situations, maintain a growth mindset, and strive for an appropriate work/life balance.

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