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Chief Branding Officer

Job description


The role of the Chief Branding Officer is to develop a brand strategy for BGHNC that oversees a wide array of business functions including branding, communication channels, program/service promotion, online and offline public relations, market research, and internal and external communication materials and avenues. Responsible for understanding what makes our donors and partners “tick” and for developing branding/marketing/communication tactics that position BGHNC programs and services to those motivators to drive community engagement, enhanced internal communications and further the Agency’s reputation and image in relation to the quality of programs and services of the Agency.


1. Assumes the role of a member of the Executive Team:

o Coordinate with the Executive Team to define and steward the “voice” of BGHNC through all branding, marketing, written, audio and visual vehicles of communication.

o Develop a creative and robust content strategy and maintain a calendar that supports high-level objectives of the agency and promotes agency initiatives both internally and externally.

o Manage annual branding and communications budget, working with the Executive Team for media plans. Collaborating with the CFO to allocate special project funding to branding as appropriate.

o Identify emerging and future growth opportunities for BGHNC brands, including working with Chief Mission officer and Director of Community Engagement to develop external partnerships that meet key BGHNC goals.

o Coordinate with Chief Mission Officer and Director of Community Engagement to create a positive branding experience for those visiting any BGHNC vendor display or on-campus public event.

o Serve as a member of the Executive Team as this position will require regular communication with the Executive Team members and collaboration with BGHNC staff across all program/services divisions.

o When designated by President/CEO, serve as spokesperson for BGHNC.

o Manage branding, public relations and communications of the entire Agency

o Ensures compliance with all licensing regulations

o Leads Performance/Operational Improvement activities in assigned areas

o Communicate issues and concerns to President/CEO as appropriate

o Prepares reports as assigned to the President/CEO

o Continually evaluates the competence of employees, if assigned

o Attend committee meetings as assigned

2. Provides Leadership to BGHNC Branding:

o Lead internal and external strategic communications.

o Identify objectives and lead the development of a meaningful overarching brand identity and communications strategy (including target audiences, key messages, and tactics) for BGHNC and its affiliated programs/services, including Residential Services, Community-Based Services, Child Advocacy Center, Thomas Academy, Benton BTS Arena and Equine Center, the Country Store and Alumni news.

o Oversee all communications channels, including website, print collateral (BGHNC Annual Report, program/services brochures, marketing materials, newsletters, development communications, press releases, public relations materials, internal communications, videography, social media, Blogs, Podcasts, etc.

o Develop a media relations strategy to promote the programs and services of BGHNC and to position BGHNC as a leader in child welfare.

o Write press releases and feature stories as appropriate

o Regularly research best practices and regularly evaluate branding and communications strategy for effectiveness.

o Cultivate relationships with other media, social platforms, child welfare organizations and community stakeholders and elected officials to increase visibility of BGHNC in the local community, nationally and globally.

o Develop, communicate, and support annual branding plan for BGHNC organizational initiatives.

o Photograph, video, and document BGHNC events or activities for historical records and near-term marketing material.

o Serve as the organizational liaison at assigned events as needed.

o Provide staff leadership to the assigned staff team as needed and/or requested

o Establishes and monitors goals and quality measures for programs/services

o Promotes and models internal staff collaboration, empowers and motivates staff

o Facilitate meetings as assigned

3. Protects the Rights of Children and Families

o Respects the child and family’s right to receive care/services within the mission of the Agency and applicable laws and regulations

o Informs the children and families of their rights in language they can understand

o Respects the need for resolving complaints of each child and their family

o Informs appropriate staff when allegations of violations of children's rights are made

o Assures that children and their families receive adequate information regarding the clinical and direct care staff

o Assures children's rights, dignity, and well-being during restraint and seclusion

o Ensures compliance with all regulations concerning HIPAA and Personal Health Information in branding and communication vehicles

o Be familiar with Emergency Safety Physical Interventions

4. Performs Administrative Duties

o Files job related documents

o Participates in assigned staff/team meetings as needed

o Reviews and submits all documentation in a timely manner

o Work with internal departments to ensure branding and communication needs are met

5. Provides Financial Oversight

o Monitors departmental program/agency budget and expenditures

o Ensures appropriate funding streams

o Justifies program/agency expenditures

o Evaluates budget needs and develops annual budget

6. Perform Other Duties as Assigned by President/CEO


Schedule may include weekends, nights and/or holidays. Environment may be extremely stressful.


Must be able to read, walk, see, hear, and speak. Sitting, standing, walking, and stooping required.

Must be able to remain calm in an emergency.


Multi-line telephone, computer, printer, copier, fax machine, vehicle, VCR, camera, etc.


Minimum – BA/BS degree in public relations/ marketing, business, or healthcare administration with five years of broad breadth public communication, news media, social media, and any other related experience. Demonstrated ability to lead a branding/public relations/ marketing effort for a human service organization, identifying diverse providers, donors, sponsors, partners, and community stakeholders and public-at large. Demonstrated ability to produce internal and external branding materials.

Valid driver’s license in state of residence.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job. The incumbent must be able to pass any required drug test. Background investigation required.

Job Type: Full-time


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