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Fleet Maintenance Coordinator


Experience: Work requires five (5) plus years broad-based experience in automotive and heavy equipment services, to include knowledge of purchasing, disposal, maintenance and repair. Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to travel to meet with suppliers. CDL a plus. Current or past ASE certifications preferred.

Position Summary -- This position will monitor and maintain a fleet of approximately 50+ vehicles providing routine operational and preventive maintenance checks and repair as needed, as well as, prepare reports detailing the effectiveness of the fleet. Plan, organize and manage the agency vehicle fleet to include all gasoline, diesel, heavy equipment and electric vehicles. Responsible for purchasing, researching and disposing of agency vehicles. Perform fleet allocation and maintenance service operations. Provide maintenance and repair of all agency vehicles ensuring proper operation and availability of vehicles for use by all staff. Prepare reports detailing the effectiveness of the fleet. Provide guidance to and coordination with and assistance to the vocational instructor.

Apply at Human Resources Department.
Applicants must apply by AUGUST 21, 2023

POSTED:  August 07 - 21, 2023

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