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Food Room Manager


Experience: Minimum – high school diploma; preferably two (2) years of college with courses in the area of food services management, nutrition and dietetics.  Minimum two (2) years successful work experience, preferably one (1) year in the food services area.

Position Summary -- This position is responsible for managing the Food Services system. Responsible for keeping all records concerning the food service program, including: Filling out purchase orders for all food and materials ordered and received, administering the breakfast, lunch and dinner program and providing all reports necessary for reimbursement. Keeping monthly inventory records of all Food Services system. Providing necessary reports and information for annual audits.
Be an integral part of the support services team, including: Keeping a current monthly inventory of all items stored in the food room. Developing a schedule for the cottages to prepare weekly food orders and pickups. Organizing and supervising all deliveries of food items for the cottages. Supervise cooking staff to ensure that menus are followed, proper portion size is observed, and food is not wasted. Responsible for planning all events on campus. Secure staff for events, distribute food and materials for events.

Apply at Human Resources Department.
Applicants must apply by AUGUST 21, 2023

POSTED:  August 07 - 21, 2023

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