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Bright Hope

Programs of Care

The Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina is teaming with Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. (CRCI) and the Governor's Crime Commission (GCC) to begin a North Carolina pilot program of family substance treatment. We are calling the pilot "Bright Hope" - a Residential Family-Based treatment center in Southeastern NC open to all residents of North Carolina.

Bright Hope provides therapy, family support, and advocacy service for children whose parents receive Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment. During the 16 to 24-week program, we will provide a home and family therapy for children while their parents are in recovery at nearby CRCI locations.

Annually, this free program will provide residential care for children of parents in recovery. We will provide an 8-bed, cottage style home with support services for children, ages 6-10, in our pilot program. 

Our goal is to offer the program as a stepping stone to help strengthen and reunify more families.

Program Details

Bright Hope

  • Keeps siblings together & preserves the family bond
  • Parents maintain custody of the child
  • Encourages family phone calls & visitations as allowed & appropriate
  • Provides private accommodations for bedrooms in the newly renovated housing & shared bathroom with one other child of the same gender

Children will be enrolled in the nearby elementary school and will engage in after school activities that provide the nurturing and support they need to learn and grow while parents are in treatment.

Routine medical, dental, and vision care will be maintained as each child received individualized care and attention.

Activities include

  • Recreational therapy
  • Eagala equine therapy
  • Individual & group therapy (as needed)
  • Bible studies & Chapel services
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Weekend outings

​Questions? Contact Program Director Danielle Monroe at or 910-646-3083 ext. 330.

Click here to apply for CRCI Services.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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