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Country Store Community

When I came to Lake Waccamaw in December of 2020, I had no idea that I would end up working in multiple areas and departments of the Boys and Girls Homes. From coordinating spiritual formation for the residents …to serving as human rights specialist… to filling in for the receptionist… to working in the Country Store/Thrift shop, I have witnessed the work of this organization from a variety of perspectives. What I have found to be consistent in every area is a deep commitment to meeting the current and future needs of the children and youth that are served by this place.

Although I have enjoyed and benefitted from each of my roles, the place that I have found the most fulfillment and joy has been in my work at the Country Store. Not only has it been a fun place to work…. with a great group to work with… it has shown me how deeply the Boys and Girls Homes cares for the community in which it serves. The Country Store is more than just a thrift shop that provides profit for the Boys and Girls Homes. It is a place that offers clothing and household goods at affordable prices in an economy that is difficult for many people. It is a place where many individuals visit often, not just for the bargains but for the conversation and love they feel within the walls. And it is a place where people share concerns about things going on in their lives.

Each day that I work at the store, I am reminded that my 65-year-old body isn’t as young as it used to be. We work hard and sometimes we are exhausted. But we also laugh deeply and we pray earnestly for each other and the people we serve. So at the end of the day when our minds and bodies are tired, we can’t help but celebrate all the people who donate to the store, the people who shop there, and the children and families that are impacted.

If you are reading this and haven’t visited our store, come by and find out what you have been missing. You may just find a treasure!! And please spread the word that the store depends on donations. Hope to see you soon.

Country Store Hours:
Wednesday- Friday: 8:00 am -4 pm

Saturday: 8 am - noon

Donations: 8 am - 3:00 pm Fridays

Jennie Weeks is the Spiritual Formations Coordinator, Human Rights Specialist and Volunteer at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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