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Welcome to BGHNC Intensive In-Home Services

Mental Health Matters!

BGHNC Intensive In-Home Services

BGHNC addresses the complexities of your family's mental health and behavioral needs through Intensive In-Home Services.  The dynamic, adept, and devoted teams work together with clients to create customized treatment plans that focus on the individual’s goals, helping them learn the skills necessary to live successful, balanced, and meaningful lives.

We understand better than anyone that most individuals experience a variety of symptoms, many of which complicate the lives of those affected and their loved ones. Communication skills honed while interacting with myriad individuals from diverse backgrounds allow for favorable outcomes with those we are honored to serve.  Our teams skillfully tackle issues head on, brainstorming, collaborating, and applying innovative practices to support enhanced stability for our families.  Staff partner with our families to ensure they are heard and that they are driving their treatment with confidence and intent.  Our teams strive to set clients and families on the path to wellness in the clearest and most efficient way to ensure continued success.

Dedication to Mission, Vision, and Service

We work alongside our clients to champion the field of mental and behavioral health through a collaborative approach embraced by Intensive In-Home Services.   We are here, around the clock, to support our clients and their families to breakdown barriers, build robust support systems, inspire change, nurture courage, instill hope, and promote resiliency. 

Intensive-In Home Services Defined

Intensive In-Home Services are home-based mental health services that are designed to meet each child and family’s unique needs through intensive case management, individual counseling, family therapy, skill building, advocacy, person-centered planning, and crisis support/management.

This service includes:

·       Three-person team providing services 3-4 days a week.

·       Crisis management services are provided 24/7.

·       A combination of one-on-one sessions with the child, individual parenting sessions and sessions together as a family.

·       Sessions may include play therapy, outings in the community, and possible community networking depending on the clients' needs. (parental permission will always be obtained and discussed prior to taking the child out of the home for any given activity)

Feel free to reach out to any of the Team Members listed below and we will respond in a timely manner to assist with your needs, concerns, questions, and the like. We look forward to offering our services and support!


CRISIS NUMBER: 910-625-7909


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