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Jamie's Story

I am writing you today to ask you to help a child in need.

A child like Jamie, who came to our Harbor at the Lake Emergency Shelter at 8 p.m. on a Friday after being removed from her 12th foster home in three years. Her social worker was desperate to find some place for this 17 year old with severe social anxiety to stay.

I met Jamie when she arrived. I learned that she has been acting out with each new family because she doesn’t feel like she belongs. Her social worker doesn’t think we will be able to keep Jamie with us for more than a week because that has been her pattern. She has been moved around so much that she sees this as another revolving door for her to go through.

Your support will make it possible for Jamie to receive the care and services she needs to know that we are committed to supporting her for the long-term. In addition to the basics of food, clothing and shelter, your gift provides for therapy, medical care, and spiritual development. Your gift will allow Jamie, or a child like her, to experience therapeutic support through animal assisted therapy, recreational therapy, and therapeutic gardening plus the more traditional talk therapy supports.

I know in my heart that Jamie needs the love and support that comes from finding a place of safety and belonging. Will you help Jamie receive the care and services she needs to feel safe?

You will make it possible for her to know that she belongs and deserves the best life possible.

Give your gift securely online today at

Ricky Creech is the President/CEO for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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