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Power of Perspective

One of my daughters recently had to read Grendel, the novel by John Gardner. It is a retelling of the old English poem Beowulf from the perspective of the monster.

I remember my own fascination with reading the story from a different point of view. It helped me realize the importance of perspective – both in the narrative form and in life experience. These works helped me develop my own creative writing style, many times starting writing inspired by the interpretation of a piece of art or a line from a song. It is why I have my inspiration list on a bulletin board and often jot random phrases in my planner.

Being able to see things from a different perspective is a key to developing empathy. This is important in fostering emotional intelligence, a skill being heralded in many circles as the most important for future employment.

All of this filters into The Waccamaw Way. Staff work with the children, youth, and families to develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence. This helps their relationships with themselves and others become better. They can heal through the development of healthy relationships, providing hope for the future.

Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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