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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity provides inspirational gathering at BGHNC

Lake Waccamaw, NC – The pavilion at the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina was filled with music, laughter, and conversation on Sunday, June 12, as the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Omicron Alpha Chapter, hosted a cookout and inspirational gathering for the BGHNC youth.

“We appreciate the opportunities around Father’s Day to meet our commitment to President Obama’s Father and Mentoring Initiative to address the critical challenge of Father Absence in the lives of children, families and the nation’s communities,” said Committee Chair Glenwood Davis. “We have been doing a lot in Columbus County and (BGHNC Chief Residential Officer) Erika Brown brought BGHNC to our attention the opportunity to show culture and traditions to the youth at BGHNC.”

For Brown, making the connection was a natural decision.

“It is critically important for the youth of BGHNC to know that there is a broader community out there that cares for them,” said Brown. “The alignment of the work being done by this dedicated group and the needs of our youth for community support made it an obvious win.”

In addition to spending an afternoon with the youth at the pavilion, the organization provided $1,800 for the purchase of shoes and purple T-shirts for an upcoming Carowinds trip.

“Fatherhood isn’t about being related to a child,” said Chapter President Michael Long. “Fatherhood is about influence, impact, and being a resource. We want to be models for young people. We’ve had the opportunity today to sit amongst and converse with these youth today around good food.”

As a small example of the attention to detail the group paid during the event, one of the youth had gone through the food line twice when there was no fried chicken available. Long made sure when the next batch was prepared to bring a piece to the youth.

“We want the youth to know that there are people beyond the campus looking out for them,” said Long. “That said, I think we’re getting more out of it than the kids.”

Davis agrees, “We plan to come back around this time every year while being involved throughout the year.”

“This event is truly a blessing for our youth,” said BGHNC President/CEO Ricky Creech. “The mission to provide a positive fatherly role model for those who missed out is a blessing. All of our kids have dads but very few have ‘fathers.’”

About Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina

Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Inc., has been helping children since 1954. Since then, more than 7,500 children have benefitted from the services of the not-for-profit, 501(c)3 agency. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive array of services for children and youth who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other family dysfunction. BGHNC offers adoption, family and therapeutic foster care, Success Coach services to prevent children from coming into foster care, and free children’s therapy, as well as residential care on the campus at Lake Waccamaw. The campus features a SACS-accredited school with a middle and high school curriculum, vocational education, recreation facilities, farm, chapel and cottage life. As many as 320 children are cared for through the residential, community-based services, and school program provided by BGHNC at any given time. BGHNC operates its program, services and activities in compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws. BGHNC is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

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