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The Christmas Nativity Journey returns to Boys & Girls Homes with expanded tour of large Nativity collection in Lake Waccamaw

Christmas Nativity

The Christmas Nativity Journey – a showing of hundreds of donated Nativity scenes – is returning to Boys and Girls Homes this Christmas season. 
The Christmas Nativity Journey will be 3-7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 1 and 2-6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2 and Sunday, Dec. 3. The journey will begin in the BGHNC Chapel and continue to the Fellowship Hall, Flemington Hall and end at The Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum. The recently renovated historic Carriage House on BGHNC campus will also host an open house during the event. Donations for admission will be accepted to benefit the programs of care for the youth that BGHNC serves.

This event is all about a greater journey for hope, said Boys and Girls Homes chaplain and Chief Safety Officer, John Cobb.

“All of our families and kids that we serve are on a journey, and their journey is intersecting with us here, so how do we provide that hope to them?” he said. “The Nativity story itself included a journey that would end in the hope of the world being born in Jesus. Boys and Girls Homes has been a beacon of hope in this community for almost 70 years now, and the people around us in the community have changed and may not be as familiar with us so this event gives us an opportunity to be intentional about being a beacon of hope -- not just for our kids but for this community too.”

The Christmas Nativity Journey began in 2022 with the donation of more than 2,500 Nativity sets to Boys and Girls Homes from Tabor City florist and avid collector Rodney Gore. Mr. Gore said it was important to him to donate his beloved collection he worked to build since 1975 to an agency who would show it to the area.

“Wherever I would go, I would look for them, and I guess I’m still looking for them,” he said. “I can’t help it. It’s in my blood.”

This year’s Nativity Journey added an additional location – The Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum – with hopes to expand to other area organizations and churches in 2024. This year’s event will also incorporate a silent auction for the public of 10 selected Nativity scenes in the Fellowship Hall. All proceeds will benefit BGHNC’s programs of care.

Holding a baby Jesus figure from one of his recent acquisitions, Mr. Gore explained his continued fascination with Nativity sets. 

“How much closer can you be to Christ than through a baby?” he said. “What I say is, come and see.”

Donations will be accepted at the door or to give a donation for admission online, please visit our event site:


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