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Goldsboro dance studio plans benefit performance for Boys & Girls Homes honoring fellow dancers in foster care

Legacy Dance Project's first benefit performance to help BGHNC

Calandra Edmond always wanted to be a foster mom. She got certified in 2019 to foster with Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina when she lived in Lenoir County, but she didn't get a placement until she moved to Goldsboro. A few years later, Edmond decided to adopt the two little girls whom she fostered. Now, her girls are dancing at the Legacy Dance Project, a Goldsboro dance studio that is now planning a benefit for BGHNC. Legacy Dance Project’s 2024 Benefit Dance Performance will be at 6 p.m. April 27 in the Moffatt Auditorium at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro.

After nine years owning Legacy, Megan Hoyle wanted to host a different type of dance experience for her students instead of another dance competition.

“I've seen how the dance scene has evolved. The thing with dance is the object is to perform and I have a concentrated company that performs at a lot of extra places like festivals and pageants. A lot of what the dance world has turned into is competitions. There is a stigma with dance competitions,” she said. “As I have grown in my studio ownership, I noticed where that trend is going. The atmosphere can be exciting, but the negatives started outweighing the positives.” So, she decided to do something different – a benefit dance performance for Boys and Girls Homes.

Edmond suggested BGHNC as the focus for Legacy Dance Project’s first benefit performance because seven children in the studio are foster children from BGHNC.

“I’m starting a new trend for Legacy with a benefit performance where everyone gets to dance and perform,” Hoyle added. “We have a lot of families who have adoption stories or went through BGHNC. When someone suggested BGHNC, it took me no time to land on that’s the cause we need to raise money for.”

Families at the event will share their adoption stories during the performance, and the theme for the evening will be “Home.”

Hoyle said “Home” was the perfect theme as “it’s something that people long for, and people often call the dance studio their home away from home. It’s important for you to find your dance home, and the people in that studio are family,” she said. “Everything just sort of snapped together, paying honor and homage to our families that get to be in a loving caring home.”

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