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The Weird Place

I found myself in a weird place the other day. I had completed all the steps I could on my current projects and was waiting on feedback from multiple sources to allow me to continue the work. I took a moment to review my list of projects again, hoping that there was something, even small, that was in my control to complete. With nothing truly falling into that category, I look up at my list of random, comical and inspirational sayings to see the top phrase – “What’s next?”

While I was lucky in that within moments of entering my weird place, I received responses on a couple project pieces so that I could move forward, the same is not always the case for the youth and families in the programs of Boys and Girls Homes. They enter into situations where the next step is not obvious. There are more questions than answers. Any guidance provided comes from new people using expert language that can be intimidating and hard to understand.

Our BGHNC staff receives regular training to help in providing the intentional, individual guidance for those in our programs that starts with meeting them where they are. It includes ways to create an environment where curiosity is welcome and choices available. It includes ways of explaining complex, clinical methodologies in a way that youth and families can understand even during the emotional time of entering care at a new place.

While it is not specified in our mission or vision statement, in many ways the program of care at BGHNC is designed to provide a map to allow those we serve to get out of their own “weird place” and find their best place. It is a personalized map that cannot be mass produced as each path is unique, but ultimately leads to a place where health, healing and hope are possible.

Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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