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How are you still standing?

You are so brave.

I can’t imagine what you are going through.

How are you managing all of that?

How are you still standing?

I have heard these statements and questions multiple times in my life when I have been going through a period of challenge and struggle. It has often been hard to respond to these statements as my only thought is “It’s all I can do. I have to.”

For many of the youth and families we serve through the programs of Boys and Girls Homes, their answer is the same. “It’s all I can do. I have to.”

In these periods of struggle it is easy to feel isolated and unsupported. That is why BGHNC’s community based programs like Success Coach, C.R.E.A.T.E. Hope, and Carolyn’s Kaleidoscope Child Advocacy Center are so important. These programs provide support and advocacy services to families struggling through some of the darkest times imaginable.

BGHNC is dedicated to providing a continuum of care to meet the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, social, educational, and spiritual needs of children, youth, and families in distress or at-risk. Our vision is to provide an environment of care that promotes health, healing and hope among children, youth, and families who enter our continuum of care.

While the Waccamaw Way is the model of care most directly seen through our on campus program, it permeates all of the services provided. Our goal is for each interaction within all of our services to be intentional in providing the support needed in all ways for the individual receiving care.

We want those in our care to know that they are not alone. People care about their well-being in all aspects.

We want their answers to change from “It’s all I can do” to “I have the choices and opportunities available to me to be successful.”

Melissa Hopkins is the Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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