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IT Administrator

POSITION/DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Administrator


Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university or Associate Degree with five years of direct experience.

Experience: Must have at least three to five years of experience working in an IT setting.

Experience with Microsoft Office apps such as Outlook, Sharepoint, and OneDrive is required. Experience with KnowBe4 is preferred. Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Required to consent to a driver’s record check through the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles prior to employment.


WORKING SCHEDULE: Exempt, full-time salaried position.

JOB SUMMARY: The IT Administrator is responsible for all aspects of information technology

management and control, including supervision of IT contracts with external vendors and any contract employees in the IT department. The IT Administrator will provide recommendations and assistance in IT budget preparation and management; recommendations for technical acquisitions; and development of guidelines, standards and procedures. The IT Administrator interacts with the President's executive team and all BGHNC staff members to monitor and validate the organization’s compliance with security policies and procedures. This position will also assist in strategic planning, tactical action, and operational decision-making to fulfill the mission of the IT department. In carrying out these responsibilities, the IT Administrator must ensure that the infrastructure and applications provide an environment that is cost effective and responsive to employee, residential and community needs.


· Demonstrated working experience with Microsoft, Apple and other operating systems

· Experience with Microsoft Office apps such as Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive.

· Demonstrated strong written, oral, and listening skills, including translating complex technical issues to lay audiences;

· Demonstrated experience in strategic information systems planning and implementation;

· Demonstrated ability to manage complex information system projects;

· Demonstrated strong analytical and logical problem solving skills;

· Demonstrated strong interpersonal communication and relational skills.


· Oversees the work of IT contract worker(s) and the work/projects of IT vendor contracts.

· Handle IT access and hook-up requests for new hires and current employees.

· Conceptualizes, evaluates, and implements information technology strategies, plans, and priori-ties for comprehensive campus wide data and telephone systems.

· Recommend, develop, and administer information systems standards, policies, and procedures to support BGHNC’s information technology needs.

· May recommend long-range and short-range information systems plans and budgets in collabo-ration with the CFO.

· Works with administration, staff and residents to assess and respond to campus IT needs.

· Directs the evaluation of various hardware, software, infrastructure, equipment needs, and ser-vice resources to identify strengths, weaknesses and potential benefits fit for BGHNC.

· Develops and review information systems policies and procedures with Human Resources to en-sure security and legal/regulatory compliance.

· Assist the CFO to develop, select, and manage technology vendor relationships to include price negotiations, contracts, and service level agreements, implementation, and evaluation.

· Reviews and advises on purchases of all information systems hardware and software.

· Manages the IT department including contract workers/projects, system, database, networks, help desk, etc.

· Manages access to information systems, such as SharePoint, to assure that only authorized users have access and to only the information they need to access.

· Oversees all aspects of network administration.

· Oversees information systems archiving, rotation, offsite storage, and retrieval.

· Establishes and documents general schedules and priorities for system maintenance, updates, and other routine processes.

· Provides leadership in networking and personal computer technology to assist BGHNC in achieving the goals identified in its strategic plan; Meets with users to determine quality of ser-vice of technology implementation and makes necessary adjustments to accommodate their needs.

· Oversee IT related aspects of BGHNC construction and renovation projects.

· Develop, recommend, and administer information technology policies and procedures; audit information system use for compliance. Ensure that technology resources are used effectively and efficiently.

· Assist with IT set-up for events and meetings.

· Work with CFO Administrative Assistant to manage password reset requests.

· Train individuals or small groups as needed on IT apps or resources being utilized.

· Performs other duties as assigned by the CFO and/or CEO.

SALARY RANGE: $50,000-$60,000

APPLICATION -- Apply here on our Careers website


Travel may be required between satellite locations for IT set up and assistance. Occasionally weekend events and/or meetings may be required.

Physical Requirements:

Walking, jogging 50%

Sports activities, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling (up to 25#),

bending, twisting, tool use, standing 25%

Kneeling, walking on uneven terrain, climbing stairs/ladders,

reaching, squeezing, keyboarding, sitting, physical restraints,

lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying (up to 50#) 25%


1. MISSION: BGHNC employees embrace the principles of integrity, servant leadership, dependability, inclusion, and commitment to promote health, healing, and hope to children, youth, and families.

2. PROFESSIONALISM: BGHNC employees demonstrate professionalism through positive leadership, giving and receiving feedback, and pursuing ongoing education and professional growth. BGHNC professionalism includes timeliness, attendance, maintaining appropriate boundaries in all settings, as well as engaging in conduct consistent with BGHNC values.

3. COMMUNICATION: BGHNC employees provide professional and empathetic feedback with all stakeholders. They communicate in a positive, strength-based approach in all interactions, demonstrating the integrity and excellence of the organization.

4. TEAMWORK: BGHNC employees engage in hands-on collaborative efforts with other team members, as well as the BGHNC organization. They strive to achieve a common goal of completing tasks in the most compassionate, effective, and efficient way – while building an extraordinary workplace with high standards. BGHNC teamwork is inclusive, equitable, and culturally competent.

5. STEWARDSHIP: BGHNC employees embrace a long-term approach to decision making. This approach benefits agency objectives while valuing clients, community, and the culture of BGHNC. BGHNC stewardship prioritizes a commitment to the organizational assets of property, staff, reputation, and history.

6. RESILIENCY: BGHNC employees demonstrate the ability to complete job responsibilities, exhibit adaptability and perseverance in all situations, maintain a growth mindset, and strive for an appropriate work/life balance.

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