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Teaching Parent/ Teaching Parent Couples

JOB TITLE:  Teaching Parent/Teaching Parent Couples


Join Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina to begin a meaningful career as a Teaching Parent or a Teaching Parent Couple where you are changing the lives of children and families! If you want more than just a job, and are seeking a calling to help abused, abandoned and neglected children, we want you on our team. Help provide an environment of care where health, healing and hope are experienced by those who enter our doors.

You ensure a safe therapeutic environment required to help change the lives of at-risk youth and offer nurturing and supportive caregiver relationships to youth. You provide appropriate role modeling, and consistent and adequate structure enhancing a youth’s ability to make responsible and safe choices. Most youth are involved with Department of Social Services or Department of Juvenile Justice, or both. Youth may need either Level I or more intensive Level II care as determined by a mental health assessment.

Your essential responsibility is to serve as member of the youth treatment team. You help Boys and Girls Homes comply with State/Agency rules and regulations, and provide children with a safe therapeutic environment of care. In your role you provide for their basic needs, develops therapeutic relationships, and teach youth the skills to transition back into families and communities. 

The work is performed in a residential setting for at-risk youth, and the flow of work is subject to frequent interruptions by youth behaviors. 

Salary $30,000 to $33,000 with health benefits, retirement and life insurance benefits. HS diploma or GED required.

Contact Boys and Girls Homes at 910-646-3083 and ask for Erika Brown or apply on our Careers page here

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